Company Profile

Located by the picturesque Xihu Lake, Hangzhou Decn Trade Co., Ltd. has been committed to bringing the European top organic cosmetics into China.Hangzhou Decn Trade Co., Ltd. has always advocated a life concept of “Beauty from Organics ”.DECN is in possession of unmatched financial forces and unparalleled experience in global trading. Our extensive marketing networks and extraordinary management team, coupled with scientific methodology and vigorous attitude, help us introduce the world-class organic cosmetics brands from Europe. Our complete product chain, covering the skin care for all over the body, will enable Chinese consumers to enjoy the healthiest, the best, the most effective and fashionable brand new aesthetics in their lives.

Protect the Planet, Care for Our Health
On the United Nations Climate Change Conference in Copenhagen Summit in December 2009, Premier Wen pointed out that: climate change is a major challenge facing the world today. Curbing global warming, saving the planet, is mankind's common mission, each country and nation, every enterprise and individual, should be duty-bound to take action! Perhaps our actions are trivial, but we have the “sand-raising-to-tower” faith and force, to build up a dream and turn the earth into a green planet! As long as we unite every force, we can reduce carbon emissions. In such process, even the common people may be powerful enough to change the future. In recent years, organic consumption market is quietly heating up. Statistics show that, by 2015, the number of wealthy families with an annual income over 150,000 yuan will increase to 8.5 million households from 2.9 million in 2005. With the improvement in life quality, consumers will be more favorable of organic products as well as the accompanying healthy life.